Pointon mum hit by thieves’ van as they flee from scene

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A woman who confronted two thieves stealing from her husband’s van was knocked to the ground as they sped away from the scene.

Miriam Greenslade returned home to High Street, Pointon, at 3.30pm on Friday last week to find a white Ford Transit van parked on her driveway in front of her husband Paul’s van.

Two men were taking tools from the van and putting them in the Transit van.

Miriam leapt from her car and asked them what they were doing.

The thieves quickly jumped in their van and drove away, clipping Miriam and knocking her to the ground as they left.

Miriam, 28, who was left with bruises on her leg 
and an aching neck and shoulder, said: “I was shocked, shaken-up and really angry.

“I couldn’t believe they were just there stealing stuff from my husband’s van in broad daylight.

“We’ve got lots of work going on at our house and initially I thought they were builders.

“At first they smiled and waved at me but then when I got out of my car to investigate I saw them taking tools out of the van.

“I shouted ‘what are you doing’ and then they realised I lived at the house.

“Then they shoved the tools into their van and knocked me to the floor when they drove off.

“And when they pulled out onto the road they nearly crashed into a minibus.

“It all happened so quickly and I was really shaken.”

Miriam’s three-year-old son Isaac was asleep in the car during the incident. She has three other children, Olivia, 11. Ethan, seven and 14-month-old Esme.

Miriam said: “Now I just feel really unsafe in the house. I keep looking out of the window and jumping at any noises.

“I’ve got four children and we’re all on edge.”

The thieves, who are described as being tall and well-built with short dark hair, stole £2,500 worth of tools, which included three nail guns, a leaf blower, a Dewalt grinder, two drills and a steel saw.

They also took Paul’s wallet which contained £250 and a sat nav.

Paul, 27, runs his own roofing company and had to borrow tools from a friend for his next job.

Miriam said: “My husband was really angry that his tools were taken and now he’s on edge like me.

“I think the thieves came here looking for tools and no matter how secure they were, they were going to get them.

“A shop is giving us tools which we have to pay them back for within two months. We’re hoping the insurance company will pay out before then so we can pay them.”

Police are urging anyone with information about the incident to contact them.

A spokesman said: “Police are aware of this incident and investigations are ongoing.

“We would urge anyone with any information to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

“We would also urge drivers to be security conscious.

“Please lock your vehicles before leaving them and try not to leave any valuables in them.

“These simple steps will drastically reduce the chances of you becoming a victim of crime.”

Another set of tools, worth £5,000, were stolen from a van in Victoria Street, Billingborough.

Anyone with information about the incidents to call 101, quoting incident number 287 of March 22 for the Pointon theft.