Police appeal for people to report hare coursing

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EVIDENCE of hare coursing has been found in the area.

Police are asking people who are out and about near Market Overton and Cottesmore in the north of Rutland to be vigilant to it because it is an illegal bloodsport.

Sgt Lee Morris from Oakham Police Station said: “Hare coursers are usually about in broad daylight and they are recognisable as a group of people with a pack of dogs, mainly lurchers.

“Hare coursing is different to lamping because it happens in the day and is illegal because the dogs chase the hares and kill them for bets.”

The bloodsport was banned in the UK in 2005 but is still legal in Europe.

Evidence that there has been hare coursing taking place in the area is usually dead animals left on land and tracks left by packs of dogs.

Farmers and land owners are being asked to report any suspicious activity to them by calling 0116 222 2222.