Police break up illegal rave at Bourne Wood

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Two people were bitten by police dogs during an illegal rave at Bourne Wood attended by about 250 people.

In the early hours of yesterday (Sunday) morning police were alerted to the illegal gathering in Bourne Wood, near Hanthorpe, after several noise complaints from local residents.

35 police officers, gathered from across Lincolnshire, to attend the rave site.

Officers attempted to negotiate with the organisers of the rave but with no success and served the ravers with a legal notice ordering them to leave the private land.

At around 4.30am a line of officers with dog units advanced and dispersed the 250 people.

The crowd were moved back from the sound system, which an inspector turned off.

The organisers were ordered to strip down the equipment and leave the area. The ravers were eventually all dispersed by about 6am.

Two people were arrested on suspicion of possession of illegal drugs with intent to supply. They have been questioned and released on police bail.

Two people were bitten by police dogs, but were not seriously hurt.

Lincolnshire police inspector James Trafford said: “The people involved were fairly hostile.

“My understanding is the dog was deployed and somebody got a bit close to it and got a bite as a result. They didn’t stay around and identify themselves so we believe it wasn’t any serious injury caused.”

Police prevented more ravers gathering at the site by intercepting, searching and turning away drivers from the Norfolk area after they received intelligence that a large number of cars were travelling to the rave site.

Chief insp Mark Housley said: “We hope this sends a very clear message to those thinking about holding illegal raves in Lincolnshire. Where possible and appropriate, we will take tough police action to prevent and disrupt such events, particularly when they are having a negative impact on our communities.

“We are working with partners and legal advisors to identify methods by which the police and landowners might seek civil recovery of costs of policing and cleaning up after illegal raves from those who organise such events.”

A gate was damaged and police believe this could have been done when the ravers accessed the land.