Police Column: CCTV appeals after thefts in Pointon, Bourne and Market Deeping

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This week’s police column, written by community beat sergeant Rachel Blackwell, features CCTV images of suspects in several cases of theft.

Pointon – Lady Injured by Thieves - Update

The men suspected of stealing power tools from High Street, Pointon, on March 22. Incident 287 of March 22

The men suspected of stealing power tools from High Street, Pointon, on March 22. Incident 287 of March 22

At the end of March we told you about a Pointon resident who had been injured as she found two men stealing tools from the back of her husband’s work van in High Street on March 22.

The two men pictured here are suspects in another crime in a different area, but we believe they may be the men responsible for the theft in Pointon.

If you think you know who they are, or have encountered them in any other incident, please let us know by contacting 101 and quoting incident 287 of March 22.

I once again thank everyone and encourage people to continuing to ring in with reports of suspicious vans driving around their area, particularly if you are able to take note of the vehicle registration.

Our objective is not to wait until a crime has been committed before we investigate, but to try and prevent them happening by investigating the precursor suspicious incident.

By challenging men and women trawling our area with criminal purpose, we can act not only as a deterrent, but gather intelligence about their movements which helps form a picture about them if they are later arrested either committing or preparing to commit a crime.

Sainsbury’s, Bourne - Spirits Thieves

We are seeing a rise in the number of thefts of spirits from our local supermarkets, some of which run into the thousands in terms of value.

PC 503 Mosley is investigating the theft of spirits from Sainsbury’s in Bourne at 6.15pm on Tuesday, April 16.

The two men pictured are believed to have stolen four bottles of Grey Goose Vodka and one bottle of Jura Whiskey.

If you think you can identify the men, please call us on 101, quoting incident 362 of April 16.

Petrol Drive-Off – Market Deeping

The man pictured is thought to have stolen fuel from the Co-operative Rainbow filling station in Market Deeping at 4pm on Sunday, April 14.

The registration plate does not belong to the vehicle and was stolen from the Bourne area in September last year.

If you think you can identify the man or recognise the Mazda please call us on 101 quoting incident 318 of April 14.