Police column: Protect bicycles against theft

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This week’s police column, written by sector inspector Mike Burnett, looks at several types of theft.

High-value Bicycle Thefts

There has been a rise in burglaries where thieves seem to be targeting high-performance bicycles.

A black Giant bike was stolen from a shed in Saxon Way, Bourne, on Sunday night. Two specialised bikes were taken from a shed in Casterton Road on Wednesday last week. A yellow mountain bike locked up outside Stamford station was stolen that same day.

A specialised bike was stolen from a garage in Kings Road, Stamford, on Monday last week. And a bike and power tools were taken from a garage in Irnham Road, Stamford, at some point last weekend.

If you have high-value bikes, it seems as though sheds are being targeted at the moment so if you can, please lock them up in more secure locations if at all possible.

If you know anything about either of Wednesday’s thefts call police on 101 quoting incident 104 of September 23 (Saxon Way), 151 of September 20 (Casterton Road), 160 of September 20 (station), 221 of September 16 (Kings Road) or 65 of September 16 (Irnham Road).

Home Burglaries

We have had one or two burglaries at homes where the owners have gone on holiday. I would urge people not to publicise on Facebook or Twitter that they are going away.

A lot of people have access to social media so it is wise to be mindful of publicising your plans.

Scrap Metal Theft

A boiler, light fittings and a radiator were taken from the grounds of Stamford High School on Friday. The items had been left out for scrap collection.

If you do put items out they will be noticed, possibly by the wrong kind of person. If you can, make a phone call and arrange a specific location for items to be collected. Don’t display them in front of your property.