Police put out warning after four cars are raided in Stamford

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POLICE are warning motorists to lock up their cars after a spate of thefts.

Stamford Neighbourhood Beat Team have received reports of thefts from three unlocked cars in the town on June 21.

Thieves stole a satellite navigation system from a blue Seat parked in Irnham Road, Stamford.

A sat nav was also taken from an grey Volkswagen Golf in King’s Road.

Thieves took £3 in cash from an blue Ford Ka.

The team also received reports of sunglasses, a sat nav and iPad touch being stolen from a gold Volvo in Queen’s Street on Monday.

Police community support officer Dave Vines said the thefts on June 21 maybe linked.

He is urging drivers to lock their cars and to phone police if they see anything suspicious.

Anyone with information should call 0300 111 0300.