Police search scrapyard in Bourne

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POLICE carried out a spot check on a scrapyard in Bourne as part of a national day of action on metal thefts.

About 20 officers, including representatives from BT, the British Transport Police and Eon, arrived at B W Riddle in South Fen Road to carry out the checks.

They searched the site, as well as checking vehicles which were weighing in and the lorries which were coming into the scrapyard. Officers closed part of South Fen Road while checks were carried out.

Sgt Rachel Blackwell, who led the search, said officers were concentrating on searching piles of metal.

She said: “We recognise that as the police we are not specialists in searching for certain types of metal, which is why we are working with other agencies today who can zone in very quickly on what they are looking for.

“Today is part of a national commitment to combating the issue of metal thefts and unscrupulous dealers, who are receiving stolen goods.”

Police are expected to remain at the site until later today.

The site manager, who co-operated with police, declined to comment.