Police warn residents to look out for second illegal rave near Bourne

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Police believe a second illegal rave could take place near Bourne this weekend.

In the early hours of Sunday morning 35 officers were called to break up a rave at Bourne Wood, near Hanthorpe. About 250 people attended.

Police today (Wednesday) said they believed a rave could be planned this weekend but the exact location was unknown. They are concerned that if the intended venue proves to be unusable, the ravers may move to an alternative site nearby.

People have been urged to be on the look out for signs of preparation for illegal raves, including: vehicles congregating or in convoy; locks having been removed from access points; loud music in rural locations; flyers or advertisements for the event; or references on social media sites.

A police spokesman said: “Where possible, if we are able to pre-empt any possible illegal raves, then early intervention can assist in the greater impact they cause, which can result not only in the quality of life to the local community being affected, but the aftermath of potential damage to the land and cleanup costs being incurred by the land owner.

“For those who choose to organise such an event, in addition to any prosecution action that can be taken, sound equipment found can also be liable to be seized.”

Anyone with information that could assist police in shutting down these illegal raves call 101 quoting incident 250 of June 19.