Police warning after thefts increase

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Police have urged residents to check their home security after an increase in evening burglaries.

Homes in Caithness Road and Lonsdale Road in Stamford were broken into on Saturday night. Thieves took cash, laptops, jewellery and a television.

As a result police have given residents tips on how to deter burglars.

Community safety inspector Phil Baker said: “The main thing is making your house look and sound occupied in the early evening before you get home from work.

“The best way to do this is to buy some timer switches and set them to come on in rooms at the front and back of the house in the early evening. They’re available from most DIY shops these days and they’re pretty affordable.

“You could also leave a radio on to make it sound like there’s someone at home. Burglars will be deterred by these things so it’s well worth trying.

“The other main message is lock your doors and windows before you go out. It sounds simple, but you’d be staggered by the amount of crimes that are a direct result of this.

“Our officers pay extra attention to residential areas in terms of patrols at this time of year to prevent burglaries and they also do leaflet drops with crime prevention tips on.

“If residents do their bit too, together we can drastically reduce the amount of victims of crime we have.”

To get more prevention advice visit www.lincs.police.uk