Police warning after thieves target vans in Bourne

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Police are issuing advice after thieves broke into two vans in Stephenson Way in Bourne on Sunday night.

Tools were stolen from one of the vehicles, but nothing was taken from the other. A neighbour reported hearing noises at about 2.30am.

On Tuesday night someone caused damage to a vehicle in Stephenson Way when they attempted to access it. On that occasion nothing was stolen.

A police spokesman said: “These offenders appear to have targeted commercial vehicles with tools on board.

“If you are a user or owner of a commercial vehicle, please ensure you secure your van when you leave it.

“Park it in a well-lit area, against a wall or close to another vehicle to restrict access to the load area if possible.

“Remove tools from it overnight if you can, and note down any serial numbers to assist us in recovering them. Consider postcode marking your tools or using SmartWater to deter thieves or help us return them to you if we recover them.”