Scam artists operating in the Bourne area

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Police are warning of scams taking place in the Bourne area.

One scheme is a man driving a blue BMW 3 Series Estate who approaches people in car parks asking for money, claiming to be short on petrol. He often targets older people.

The second scam reported to be taking place is a driver of a white or silver large saloon, possibly a BMW or a Mercedes, seen on the A15 at junctions with the bonnet up, is flagging down motorists and asking for money.

A police spokesman said: “This activity is not welcome in our community.

“If you see either of these vehicles in these situations, or their occupants approach you, please do not give them any money or exchange any goods with them.

“Please contact police immediately, with registration numbers of any vehicles involved if you possibly can.”

If you spot one of these scams call police immediately on 999.