Security firm G4S makes £5m of savings for Lincolnshire Police

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A security company has been able to make £5m of savings for a police force a year after taking over its back office functions.

Lincolnshire Police signed a £200m contract with G4S, the world’s largest security company, last April.

At the time G4S committed to making £3.6m - 13.6 per cent - of savings a year but in a report published reviewing the first year, the firm said it had been able to make savings of 18 per cent or £5m, the equivalent of an extra 35 officers on the streets.

As part of the partnership, 575 civilian staff were transferred to G4S.

The security firm said it had cut 60 roles but created 20 new roles, resulting in about 40 redundancies. It has also reduced costs by streamlining services to make them more efficient and passing on discounts in things like broadband, electricity, and equipment to the force.

Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick said he was pleased the partnership was working well and had resulted in “tangible improvements”.

Mr Hardwick said if other forces spent the same per head of population as Lincolnshire, the national police grant could be reduced by £1bn

He said: “If others want to deliver more for less, they should come to Lincolnshire.

“We have not only managed to reduce crime by over 14 per cent but we have done so while putting more officers on the beat, improving public confidence and delivering a better service to our communities.”

Managing director of G4S policing support services John Shaw added: “We have achieved more than we could have expected.

“We have made significant improvements in the areas one might expect a business outsourcing specialist like G4S to deliver but also in areas not typically associated with outsourcing provision.”

G4S has also cleared a four-month backlog of files for processing firearms licences and files are prepared up to two months in advance. It has also improved on the 999 response call rate to an average of 93 per cent of calls answered within 10 seconds, up from 89 per cent in 2011/12.

G4S has committed to delivering £36m in savings and deals with organisational services worth 20 per cent of the force’s budget.