Slideshow: Police issue CCTV to track theft suspects

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Community beat sergeants Rachel Blackwell and Emma Crisp bring you their weekly column about police activity in Stamford, Bourne and the Deepings.

CCTV Appeals

Stamford Morrisons theft, September 20, 2012. Crime reference number 32120040961

Stamford Morrisons theft, September 20, 2012. Crime reference number 32120040961

Our weekly galleries of wanted faces have been a resounding success – with names being put forward in most cases.

We will be able to update you more in the coming weeks with exactly how your involvement helped us to arrest and charge a number of suspects which we simply wouldn’t have done without the community calling in to help.

On the back of this success we have decided to re-visit a number of crimes that had been filed as undetected from earlier in the year, and release CCTV images which, with the public’s help, could lead to further arrests and prosecutions.

Here are three incidents of shop theft – in some cases high values of stock taken from Morrisons at Stamford and Tesco at Bourne.

- The Morrisons incident happened at 5.55pm on Thursday, September 20. The man pictured is wanted in connection with the theft of £664.49 worth of alcohol and groceries.

It is possible the man was working with others as part of a team and that they might also have committed similar thefts at Morrisons in Spalding.

Please call 01780 752222 quoting Crime Reference 32120040961.

- The theft at Tesco in Bourne happened on June 5. The three people pictured filled up a trolley and left the store with £500 worth of alcohol, without offering payment.

If you think you can identify any of them, please call us on 01780 752222, quoting crime reference number 32120024153.

- We are also keen to trace the man pictured who struck at Sam’s newsagents in Abbey Road, Bourne on Thursday, June 7 at about 10.30am.

He concealed food items in his rucksack before leaving the store. If you think you know him, please call 01780 752222 quoting crime reference number 32120024393.

If you think you know any of the faces in this week’s gallery, you can e-mail your suggestions to

- Police have also released a CCTV video of a thief stealing jewellery worth £20,000 from Stuart Porter Antiques in Broad Street, Stamford, between 5.30pm on August 29 and 3.40am on August 30 last year.

The man takes jewellery from a glass cabinet before leaving through a window he smashed to get in to the shop.

The video can be seen on the Lincolnshire police website.

Call 101 quoting crime reference number 3212**37549.

Winter weather

How often do you go out to your car on a cold morning to get it started, leave it running for a few minutes while you pop back inside – leaving it to defrost whilst you are indoors?

Doing just that meant that for the last few years we have seen motorists fall prey to thieves who sat in wait for innocent car owners to come out of their homes in the morning and begin to defrost their vehicles – and once left unattended for just a few seconds – their vehicle was then driven away.

Thefts of cars in these circumstances was not restricted to the built-up town areas. In many cases thieves seemed to target desirable vehicles – driving them away from more rural areas and villages, waiting for the opportunity once the driver had gone back into the house.

If your vehicle is stolen with keys in the ignition of the vehicle with the engine running in these circumstances, you may find that your insurance company may not pay for your loss, if the vehicle was considered to have been left insecure.

Something as simple as putting an old curtain or newspaper across your screen the night before might just save you the distress of seeing your vehicle disappearing down the road.