Stamford mum calls for better drug education from schools and parents

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A mother is calling on parents and schools to spend more time teaching children about the dangers of taking drugs.

Rosie MacLennan, 50, of Ryhall Road, Stamford, called the Mercury after reading last week’s front page story about a woman who found out her teenage granddaughter was addicted to mephedrone.

Mrs MacLennan works for the Children’s Safety Education Foundation, which helps teach youngsters of the dangers facing them.

She wants to see an improvement in drug education for children and has been speaking to schools in Stamford about adding to their curriculum.

She said: “I am looking to do events in schools to create awareness of the dangers of drugs.

“I think the community needs to be more aware of the problem. I think parents can do a lot more.”

A mum of four herself, Mrs MacLennan thinks schools and parents should not be shy of highlighting the serious problems drug use can cause.

She added: “Just taking half an hour out to look through some images is a very good idea.

“Some of it isn’t very nice but neither are drugs. Parents need to step out of their comfort zones and realise children are vulnerable.”

Mrs MacLennan is still talking to schools about extra drug education, but she is keen to make sure her campaign is successful.

She said: “I am determined to continue fighting this and do what I can to help.”