Stay on guard against thieves

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This week’s police column, written by community beat sergeant Rachel Blackwell, looks at thefts from vehicles and purse thefts.

Thefts from vehicles

Two vehicles were broken into in Edinburgh Crescent, Bourne during the night of Wednesday, May 23. It is thought that the vehicles had been left unlocked.

Thieves helped themselves to a digital camera and cash from one vehicle. The second was rifled through, but nothing stolen.

If you have any information, please call 101 using incident numbers 45 and 47 of May 23.

In another incident during the early hours of Sunday, a resident found two men looking at his vehicle on his drive in North Road, Bourne.

Purse thefts reminder

Police efforts to combat purse thefts in and around High Street, Stamford seem to have been effective. We do, however, continue to receive reports of incidents in the Morrisons supermarket in Stamford in which purses have been stolen from handbags “left just for a moment” while the shopper looked at shelves.

At 5.30pm on Saturday, a shopper noticed her purse had been removed from her bag. She had had it just a short time earlier when she used it to get money for a trolley from the front of the store.

At lunchtime on Monday, May 13, a shopper discovered her purse missing from her handbag on top of her trolley, even though she had kept her hand on the handbag strap as she shopped.

I remind shoppers to remain cautious with their purse, keeping it close to your person, even while browsing.

Vodka theft

A thief stole £200 of vodka from the Waitrose supermarket in West Street, Stamford, at about 1.30pm on Saturday.

The thief left the store with the alcohol in a trolley. If you saw anything call 101 quoting incident 252 of May 25.

Police have released these CCTV images of two men suspected of stealing computer games worth £800 from Tesco in Cherry Holt Road, Bourne, on April 30.

Anyone with information should call 101 quoting incident number 257 of April 30.