Thieves’ haul found hidden in vehicles

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A SPOTcheck on an abandoned vehicle found it was storing stolen construction equipment.

A roller belonging to Bullimores Sand and Gravel in Bourne was stolen from Bardot’s Yard in Deeping St James on Saturday.

It was the replacement for another road roller that was taken just two weeks ago from Elsea Park in Bourne and is still missing.

James Mees, a Peterborough City Council neighbourhood officer, discovered the one-and-a-half tonne road roller, worth £14,000, squeezed into a Ford Transit van in Eye, Peterborough, at 8am on Wednesday.

It was found after a concerned member of the public reported seeing the van’s suspension bending close to the ground.

Another two-tonne roller was stolen, on October 5, and stored in a horse trailer stolen from Janet Jones the same day. Both were found in Yaxley, Peterborough, later that evening.

The 66-year-old, of Deeping Road, Uffington, said: “I was very distressed and upset to find it was stolen.

“When I collected it there was a two-tonne roller in the back. Now the trailer is damaged and I can’t afford to get it fixed.”

Police are keeping an open mind on whether the spate of thefts are related but they say there is currently a lucrative market for thieves to ship heavy plant machinery abroad.

A Lincolnshire police spokesman said: “This is an ongoing issue nationwide. Clearly the proximity and related nature of these crimes will be taken into consideration, but we can’t definitively link them at the moment.”

Rick Grindley, depot manager for Bullimores, said: “It doesn’t surprise me there has been a spate – that’s the way these things tend to happen.

“We had a tracker on the one that was taken on Saturday. We knew it had been taken because the tracker moved, but when we followed it the tracker had been taken off the road roller and thrown into a garden in Dogsthorpe.”