Vigilance warning after raiders target four farms

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FARMS across the area have been targeted by thieves and police are once again asking people to be vigilant.

Caldecott farmer Andrew Brown had two sets of gates stolen from his farm between 6pm on Thursday and 8am on Friday.

He said: “Luckily there were no animals in the fields but it is a complete and utter pain because if anyone is driving animals along the road then they go in and trample everything.

“I have heard of another farm where there were animals in the field that got out. If that happens and someone hits one of the animals then the farmer is still liable.

“It also encourages fly-tipping. People just drive up and dump things in the fields. It costs £100 to replace each gate and the thief probably only got about £10 for them.

“Scrap yards must realise that this is not scrap and has been stolen.”

Tools worth about £1,200 were stolen from a farm in Greetham between 3.30pm on Thursday and 7am on Friday. Cables at the farm were also cut but not stolen.

On Monday night two farms in Thurlby were also targeted.

Fuel and parts from a compressor were stolen from a barn in Swallow Hill and a generator worth £2,000 was stolen from a farm yard in Water Lane.

Sgt Lee Morris, of Rutland police, said: “Rural crime is devastating for our local farmers.

“Stolen equipment and machinery is expensive to replace. This can have a knock-on effect for their businesses and the community involved in farming.

“Criminals will often target farm premises they have previously visited in the days or weeks leading up to the theft.

“This is why we would ask the rural and farming community to be vigilant, noting and reporting suspicious vehicles and vans visiting farm premises during daylight hours.

“We continue to work with the farming community to promote crime prevention.”

A farming network has been set up on the Neighbourhood Link website to warn farmers of suspicious activity.

Police are also holding a rural crime prevention event in Thistleton on November 14.

The event will be held at Silverwood Farm, Thistleton by kind permission of Harry Barclay Farms from 10am to 3pm.

To sign up to Neighbourhood Link visit

To report information about crime in Rutland call police on 101. To report information about the thefts in Thurlby call police on 0300 111 0300.