Volunteers succeed in making traffic slow down in Uppingham

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A COMMUNNITY speedwatch programme has been hailed as a huge success.

Residents in Uppingham were trained to use speed guns through the Community Speedwatch programme in Leicestershre and Rutland and have spent the last four weeks recording the speed of traffic in various locations in the town.

Volunteers gave up hours of their time to record speeds in Ayston Road, Stockerston Road, Seaton Road, London Road, Leicester Road and Firs Avenue.

Co-ordinator Ron Simpson of Hawthorn Drive, Uppingham., said: “People came out and thanked us for what we were doing and brought us cups of tea.

“I only had one complaint throughout the entire thing.”

The fastest speed recorded by the volunteers was 54mph in the 30mph zone in Leicester Road.

Firs Avenue seemed to be the least dangerous. The fastest speed recorded there was 30mph.

Mr Simpson said: “The main reason for doing this was to get traffic to slow down and in the most part it has been very successful.

“Most people did slow down as soon as they saw us there in our yellow jackets and pointing a speed gun at them.

“Unfortunately there were a few instances where people did not slow down at all and they were caught.”

Volunteers pass on the number plates of the cars caught speeding to police who then send out a letter to the car owner warning them that is they are caught again they will be fined.

Mr Simpson said the exercise was interesting because it highlighted some of the other traffic problems that occur in the town.

He said: “There were a number of reports of people weaving in between the speed bumps in London Road.

“That kind of behaviour is inexcusable because there are two schools on the road and a lot of children walk up and down there regularly.

“London Road was highlighted as one of the problem areas in the town and we will be looking into it.”

Volunteers also reported that another speed-activated 30mph sign would be beneficial before traffic reaches Uppingham Community College because cars sped up considerably after they had gone over the last speed bump.

Mr Simpson said: “As co-ordinator I would like to thank all the volunteers for their efforts.

“Once again Uppingham has demonstrated its strong community spirit.”

The next community speedwatch event in the town will take place in about three months time.