Warning to high street businesses after CCTV video

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High street businesses in Uppingham are being warned to lock up well overnight after two people seen wearing balaclavas were spotted on CCTV trying shop doors.

New Uppingham CCTV recordings have been checked by Hugh Crouch of the Safer Rutland Partnership and Uppingham First has confirmed that there is clear video of two individuals working their way up Queen Street and High Street East between 3.30am and 4am on Monday morning.

Both individuals wore balaclavas and at least one was carrying break-in tools.

The two people tried most shop doors and appeared to be checking out their options. They also had a go at one gated front. It is possible therefore that they may return if they feel they have identified a vulnerable business frontage or rear entrance.

As a result, businesses are being asked to take extra care in making their premises secure before leaving for the night.