Yobs attack school and smash church windows

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A CHURCH is counting the cost after vandals smashed windows.

About 20 panes of glass at St John the Baptist Church, Morton, were broken in a series of vandalism attacks across the village over two weeks.

Vandals also damaged Morton Primary School and threw a brick at an elderly woman’s home. Police believe the same people are behind all three attacks.

The Rev David Creasey has described the attacks as “distressing” and is now looking at installing security grilles over the windows at a cost of thousands of pounds to prevent further attacks.

Large stones were found in the church amongst the debris from three stained glass windows on May 27 and May 31.

The Rev Creasey said: “It is so distressing and so pointless.

“We had lead stolen off the roof of the porch once, which involved another insurance claim. Not wishing to make that sound acceptable but when they took the lead, they took it for a purpose - but just to break things for the sake of it?

“One of the things Morton is renowned for is the quality of its stained glass and something we are very proud of. It is a shame really.”

The church is hoping that the repairs will be covered by its insurers but is also considering fundraising to pay for the security grilles.

The Rev Creasey said: “There was glass everywhere in the church.

“We did find quite large stones.”

The vandals climbed over the primary school fence on June 2 when they trampled on plants put in by the children during an environment day and wrote graffiti on the playground, a ride-on toy and the front of the school. They climbed onto the roof of a lean-to, damaging the edge of it and broke wind chimes.

Chalk graffiti was also found in nearby Needham Road. Headteacher George Trafford said: “As a school we are disappointed. We are a close knit community and we hope the community values the school as a resource.”

An elderly woman reported on June 5 that yobs had thrown a brick at her door after spotting them in a lane. She has also had three panes of glass smashed at her home and chalk graffiti on her fence.