Yobs’ behaviour will be tackled

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A SPECIALIST team of youth workers is being drafted into a village to tackle a spate of recent anti-social behaviour.

Support workers from the Leicestershire Youth Offending Service, operating as the Impact project, will be deployed in Ketton this month. They have been successful in reducing nuisance behaviour in areas of Leicestershire.

There have been reports of a number of incidents in the village recently involving underage youths drinking alcohol plus increased evidence of litter and general nuisance behaviour. This has been worrying some residents and making them feel unsafe.

Leicestershire County Council’s Impact team will be in Ketton for 10 weeks, meeting young people who are causing concern and trying to offer advice and support in order to prevent them becoming involved in vandalism and more serious crimes.

The project has been very successful in reducing antisocial behaviour in parts of Leicestershire, and has led to a 40 per cent drop in complaints about this issue in some areas.

Coun Barry Roper, chairman of the Safer Rutland Partnership, said they were working closely with police and the council to tackle the problem.

“We live in a very safe part of the country but occasionally individuals overstep the mark and low-level antisocial behaviour crops up in a particular area.

“The Safer Rutland Partnership, working with the police and council, has asked the Impact team to spend some time in Ketton to help reduce recent reports of nuisance behaviour. I am confident it will make a difference.”

Sgt Lee Morris, of Rutland police, said he looked forward to meeting the team.

“It’s very encouraging to have the opportunity to work alongside the Impact team in reducing this sort of behaviour,” he said.