Crystal plates awarded to blood donors in Stamford and Bourne

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BLOOD donors from Stamford and Bourne have been given awards for their generosity and frequent donations.

They were honoured by NHS Blood and Transplant at a recent donor awards event at the Chilford Hall, Linton, Cambridge.

All donors who received awards had donated blood on at least 75 occasions.

Sally Baker, Anthony Crow and Shirley Ireson from Stamford each received a crystal plate in recognition of donating blood 75 times, as did Robert Harvey from Bourne.

Guest speaker, Elsa Hunter from Shoeburyness, Essex attended the event to share her experience of when she needed blood transfusions to help save her life.

Mr Harvey, 58, of Rochester Court, Bourne, first gave blood aged 18 when he was in the RAF and was dragged along by his friends.

Since then he has donated blood two to three times a year.

He said: “Even if I’m out on the road and have to go somewhere else to donate I’ll call up the NHS and ask where I can go.”

Mr Harvey, who drives for Anglian Water, says he did not even know NHS Blood and Transplant gave out awards until he got a letter in the post inviting him to the award ceremony.

He said: “I was really pleased to get the award.

“It was very humbling at the ceremony to hear the stories of people who have been saved by blood donors. I’ve never thought of it that way before.

“There are just not enough of us.”