Cygnets delight park users in Bourne

The black swans which were donated by the Bourne Business Chamber have recently had cygnets
The black swans which were donated by the Bourne Business Chamber have recently had cygnets
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Swans that were introduced to the Wellhead in Bourne have had cygnets hatch much to the delight of park users and the people who brought them to the town.

In May members of the Bourne Business Chamber donated money to buy a breeding pair of black swans for St Peter’s Pool in the Wellhead Park.

The family of waterfowl that has been in the park since 1999 was down to the last bird after a dog attack killed a swan in April.

Members of the business group transported the swans from their home at UK Waterfowl in Hanworth, Norfolk to St Peter’s Pool.

It was hoped at the time the pair would breed successfully in the autumn and despite a set back, when their first eggs were taken, they have.

Secretary for the Bourne Business Chamber Tim Armstrong said: “We have had a really good response from people since we introduced them.

“They are a part of the Wellhead’s character now.

Tim, who owns carpet cleaning firm Home Revive, said: “The swans and cygnets are the pride of the Wellhead and are admired by visitors and locals alike.”

“The people of the town are very possessive over them and they bring people together which is great.”

“People have been going onto the Wellhead and looking at the swans together and talking to each other about them which they probably won’t have done without 

Tim said people have been coming into his office in Fir Avenue to give him updates on the cygnets and report when they get lost.

Tim said: “The Bourne Business Chamber is there to support the community and be a part of the community and this was just something nice we could do for all the people in the town.”

The swans have made their home in Bourne and in October built a nest and laid two eggs.

These apparently were taken and so the nest was deserted and the swans disappeared.

However some weeks late they reappeared and built another nest in a hidden area where they laid and successfully hatched six cygnets.

As nature took its course two signets were lost leaving four healthy, growing cygnets.

Bourne United Charities is responsible for looking after the swans.