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Bourne family set up El Ajolote Mexican Food

A dad and daughter from Bourne have launched a takeaway business to celebrate their heritage.

Rodolfo Colon-Gonzalez and his daughter, Amaya, will be delivering to their first customers on Saturday night(March 6).

El Ajolote Mexican Food will offer a host of authentic meals including taquitos, enchiladas and rice dishes.

Rodolfo and his daughters
Rodolfo and his daughters

Amaya, 19, said: “We are from Mexico and are very passionate about food.

“Every time we have friends over they really enjoy it and we wanted to share it with people.

“We decided to start a takeaway but make the food high quality and authentic. Hopefully people will like it.”

El Ajolote Mexican Food
El Ajolote Mexican Food

As the business grows, the family hope to buy a food truck which they would take to events, such as the Stamford Diversity Festival, and use to deliver to people.

The pair, who moved from Mexico to England in 2016, have set themselves the long-term goal of opening their own Mexican restaurant in the area.

“There’s been restaurants where people started off small with Hispanic food - that’s a really great inspiration,” said Amaya.

Rodolfo, who works as a software engineer, and Amaya, a carer, will be running the business alongside their other jobs.

El Ajolote Mexican Food
El Ajolote Mexican Food

Amaya said: “It’s something that’s always been on our mind.

“My dad wanted to be a chef when he was younger but didn’t choose that career.

“I always wanted to do something related to my country so I don’t loose my roots.”

She added: “Whenever you set up a business you should have another thing to support you.

El Ajolote Mexican Food
El Ajolote Mexican Food

“At the moment I only do part-time which is quite good.”

The recipes they will use have been collated over the years from other family members in Mexico.

Rodolfo, 40, also contributed a recipe to the Stamford World Cookbook, which celebrates food from different cultures and was released to raise funds for the Stamford Diversity Festival on August Bank Holiday weekend.

The family launched a website last week and have a YouTube channel where they have been keeping potential customers updated.

El Ajolote Mexican Food
El Ajolote Mexican Food

Amaya said: “It’s been very thrilling and there’s been a lot of hard work.

“The positive of the pandemic is that we’ve both had the time on it.”

Rodolfo and Amaya will deliver to Bourne and Stamford, as well as the villages in between, on Friday and Saturdays from 5pm to 8pm. Orders must be placed by the Thursday.

For more information, visit: www.elajolotemexicanfood.com.

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