Daniels fan pops the question at big match

Robin Gosling and Tina Taylor
Robin Gosling and Tina Taylor
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A football fan secured a perfect match when he proposed to his girlfriend in front of hundreds of supporters at the Daniels’ home game on Saturday.

Robin Gosling went down on one knee in the middle of the Zeeco Stadium pitch before popping the question to Tina Taylor at half-time.

Tina was stunned to be put on the spot, but immediately accepted the proposal, to the delight of the crowd who gave the couple a rousing cheer.

Robin, 52, said: “Tina was shocked when I produced the ring and asked her to marry me, but very excited.

Tina, 46, said: “Robin is my world and I am so happy I will be his wife.

“Even though there were so many people watching I was not at all embarrassed.

“I am proud of Robin for what he did, especially as he is normally quite a quiet person.

Robin added: “I knew I wanted to make Tina my wife but didn’t know when to propose. We decided to go to the game on Saturday and I had the idea to ask match secretary Richard Curtis if there was a chance I could propose to my girlfriend at half-time.

“He was delighted to help and asked us to go on to pitch at half-time for Tina to draw the winning ticket for the 50-50 match day draw .

“Then he said ‘ Robin wants to ask you a question’ and I was handed the microphone. I went down on one knee and asked her to be my wife.”

The couple, who live in York Road, Stamford, met via social media.

Robin, who is originally from London said: “We are both football fans and go to Daniels’ home games whenever we can.

“We are like a team and go everywhere together.”

The happy couple have yet to make wedding plans.

Robin said: “We have had such a busy year, we are happy to wait until the time is right before planning the wedding.

There is no rush to get married, because we know we are together forever.”