David is on a mission to rehome Greek tiger Phevos

Phevos the tiger in his pen in Greece
Phevos the tiger in his pen in Greece
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A man who has rehomed dozens of exotic animals over the past 20 years, is on a mission to send a neglected tiger to a safer home in the US.

Uppingham Sports and Books shop manager David Barnes uses his spare time to rescue exotic animals from overseas - mainly Greece where he once worked for the Animal Welfare Fund.

Mr Barnes has been monitoring the welfare of two tigers - Athena and Phevos - that were sent to a zoo in Trikala, Greece, in 2001 after being rescued from a circus that was touring the country.

The tigers had been well cared for up until the economic crisis in Greece. During a visit last year, David discovered Athena was unwell and she died in November prior to an operation.

Mr Barnes, 62, who lives in Peterborough, said a home had now been found for Phevos in a zoo in San Diego, California.

But transporting the 15-year-old tiger will cost 22,000 Euros - about £18,000.

“It’s a huge amount of money, but the tiger desperately needs to go,” said Mr Barnes, who has four to six weeks - the time it takes to get the paperwork sorted - in which to raise the money needed to transport Phevos in a special crate. He is appealing to animal lovers for help.

Anyone who can assist can pay the money to the transport company. For details e-mail dwb@uppingham.co.uk or call 07968 959367.