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Dead fox is handed over to police during Cottesmore Hunt near Rutland

A dead fox was handed over to police during a hunt near Rutland on Saturday (February 16).

The Cottesmore Hunt, which took in the countryside surrounding Somerby, Knossington, Burrough-on-the-hill and Owston, was a farewell meet to huntmaster, Andrew Osborne.

The Cottesmore Hunt in Oakham on December 26 Photo: Lee Hellwing (6209542)
The Cottesmore Hunt in Oakham on December 26 Photo: Lee Hellwing (6209542)

Members of the Northants Hunt Saboteurs posted a video on social media showing them carrying the dead fox.

A spokesman for the group, said: "With the hunt moving around the lanes between Knossington, Somerby and Burrough-on-the- Hill, saboteurs deployed small groups into the field to keep the hunt moving on.

"At one point, the pack was successfully split with the use of a hunting horn and gizmo.

"Saboteurs in the field were also able to see a second fox safely away from danger.

“As one group of saboteurs drove in the vehicle to get ahead of the hunt, a fox dashed across the road clearly in a hurry to get out of the area.”

Clare Bell, secretary of the Cottesmore Hunt, said she was unable to comment on the dead fox being handed to police.

A spokesman for Leicestershire Police, said: "Shortly before midday on Saturday, we received a report that a fox had been killed by hounds at a location on Owston Road, between Owston and Knossington.

"Officers who were monitoring the hunt spoke with the person that made the report and the carcass of a fox was subsequently recovered.

"Enquiries are ongoing and no arrests have been made at this time."

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