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The Big Clean's tireless team look after the streets of Stamford, Bourne, the Deepings and villages

An army of staff is working tirelessly to keep the streets of Stamford, Bourne and the surrounding areas looking spick and span.

The Big Clean project was set up two years ago to help improve the cleanliness of the district and a team of 12 dedicated men and woman are tasked with keeping our streets looking beautiful.

Tracy Brumpton, 41, from Colsterworth, who has been working for the Big Clean team for about a year, said: “We do all sorts really - litter picking, removing the graffiti, cleaning signs, trimming trees and tidying up the edges.

Tracy Brumpton, Craig Oliver, Paul Kelly and Jamie Shaw
Tracy Brumpton, Craig Oliver, Paul Kelly and Jamie Shaw

“We’ll drive through the area first and do a recce to see what needs doing, sometimes taking photos so that we can go back to things later.

“We’re outside all the time, come rain or shine, in the snow, when it’s frosty, you name it.”

The towns can take up to a month to clean up, while villages take three or four days.

Paul Kelly demonstrating the weeder
Paul Kelly demonstrating the weeder

“The public are always thanking us and they are ever so grateful to see you,” added Tracy.

“I love it when they tell us how much they appreciate our work, it makes it even more rewarding.”

James Shaw, 61, has also been working with the team for around a year and says the best thing about the job is the exercise it provides.

“I’ve done this sort of work all my life as I used to do road surfacing,” he added.

Tracy Brumpton
Tracy Brumpton

“I couldn’t do an office job - I leave that to my wife!”

Paul Kelly, 60, from South Witham, said: “I worked in a factory for 40 years so it’s a bit different for me.

“It’s good to work outside and you get to see the end results of your work.”

Tracy Brumpton using the blower
Tracy Brumpton using the blower

Craig Oliver, 27, has been working with the team for two years and said: “Working outside is a bonus for me, and I also like how the job gives you a sense of instant satisfaction.

“It’s great to get the feedback from the public when they are walking past.

“They want to know what is going on and the response to us working out and about has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The team start work at 7am when they leave their Grantham depot.

From there, they drive to a town or village that awaits its ‘Big Clean’ and spend eight hours on the task each day.

There are two teams of six working flat out across the district, and team members also work on the dustcarts emptying bins when required.

Bourne residents Michael Roper and Val Palmer, who both live in Northfields where the Big Clean was happening today were pleased by what they saw.

Michael said: “They do a very impressive job - it stops the streets looking like a mess so it encourages visitors.”

Val said: “They do an absolutely fantastic job. If it looks nice around here, people will want to keep it looking good.”

South Kesteven District Council has named litter and cleanliness as of the top five priorities based on talking with residents about their priorities.

The Big Clean schedule can be viewed here.

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