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Deepings Cars in 'bunny blankets' boost for babies in need

Knitters in the Deepings are helping babies needing intensive care.

Deepings Cares has just supplied 31 ‘bunny blankets’ to the neo-natal intensive care unit of Peterborough Hospital after the hospital previously requested ten of them.

This follows the group making one such blanket three months ago and it being loved by the hospital and the mum of twins who received it.

Deepings Cares (24191223)
Deepings Cares (24191223)

Deepings Cares was formed two years ago by Anne Smart of Deeping St James, who had been knitting baby hats for the hospital’s maternity unit.

She placed a message of Facebook and gained 30 fellow knitters, a number that has now grown to 100.

The group meets once a month in Raeburn Lodge, Deeping St James, for ‘a knit and a natter’.

“They are a wonderful group. We are happy to help hose who need support.”

In recent months, the knitters have made ‘twiddlemasses’, which are like a muffin but contain buttons for those with dementia to play with.

They have also created ‘fish and chip jumpers’ which are colourful knitted jumpers sent to Africa as over there, babies are often wrapped in newspapers after they are born.

They also supply the baby bank in Stamford with blankets and baby clothes for children aged up to five.

Now, the group is looking for something to make for Easter.

To join or seek support, contact Nicola Joy, who now runs the group, on the Deeping Cares Facebook page.

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