Deepings Santa’s sleigh route

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Father Christmas will be around from 6pm to 9pm at the following places in Market Deeping, Deeping St James and surrounding villages.

Thursday, December 6, Peakirk village/Deeping Gate

Friday, December 7, Glinton

Monday, December 10, Northborough

Tuesday, December 11, Church Street Deeping St James, Bridge Street, New Row, Park Road, Welland Way, Hereward Way, Brownlow Close, Manor Way, Waterton Close, Millfield Road, Windmill Close, Spalding Road, Braeburn Close, Churchfield Close, Horsegate

Wednesday, December 12,

Church Street Market Deeping, The Grove, The Orchard, St Guthlacs Avenue, Hall Farm, Halfleet, Towngate East, Dovecote Road, Prestland, Lancaster Way, Wellington Way, Shackleton Close, Glebe Way, Hardwicke Gardens, Black Prince, John Eve Way, Joan Wake Close, Chestnut Way, Beech Close, Hawthorn Close

Thursday, December 13, Langtoft

Friday, December 14, Stamford Road, Stamford Close, Tattershall Drive, Althorpe Close, Belton Close, Grimsthorpe Close, Maxey Close, Woodcroft Close, Chatsworth Close, Osbourne Way, Deene Close, Sandringham Way, Woburn Close, Petworth Close, Belvoir Close, Lamport Close, Rockingham Close, Cromwell Way, Lindsey Avenue, Lincoln Close, Kesteven Drive, Holland Close, Meadway, Burnside Avenue, Park Drive, Green Walk, Cedar Close, The Avenue, Woodlands

Monday, December 17, Linchfield Road, Linchfield Close, Fen View Mews, Campion Drive, Buttercup Close, Sorrel Close, Cowslip Drive, Burchnall Close, Foxgloves, Teasles, The Brambles, Marigolds, Primroses, Bluebells, Thackers Way top end, Towning Close, Charlie Crescent, Knight Close, Crowson Way, Pendlebury Drive, Swift Close, Panton Close, Pawlett Close, Allen Close, Fenely Close, Sewell Close, The Lees

Tuesday, December 18, Baston

Wednesday, December 19,

Eastgate, Stephens Way, Stocks Close, Frognall, Spalding Road, Broadgate Lane, Rycroft Avenue, Rycroft Close, Crowfields, Ascendale, The Parslins, Tyghes Close, Priory Close, Old Priory Farm, Church Gate

Thursday, December 20, Douglas Road, Wade Park, Elm Close, Kesteven Close, Dixons Road, Godsey Lane, Godsey Crescent, Clover Road, Thyme Avenue, Rosemary Avenue, Still Close, Bramley Road, Lady Margaret’s Avenue, Beaufort Avenue, Willoughby Avenue, Queens Avenue, Eastfield, Florence Way, The Pasture, Speedwell Court, Blackthorn Court, Bryony Way, Meadow Road, The Meadows, 
Larkrise, Robin Close, 
Linnett Close, Thackers Way lower end, Frazer Close, Sweet Close, Curlew Walk, Swallow Walk, Nightingales, Wren Close

Friday, December 21, Helpston and Maxey.