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Deepings woman thanks community for support

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A Deepings woman suffering with a severe back condition has praised people in her community for coming to her support when she most needed it.

Deena Woolfitt, 50, had been waiting for nearly five years to move from her house in Wellington Way, Market Deeping into a property that would better suit her needs and allow for her limited mobility.

South Kesteven District Council then found her a new home in the town - a bungalow on Meadway, which the council had specially adapted for Deena.

It was everything that she wanted but with it came the major issue of managing the move with all her furniture, as well as finding the money for new carpet as the bungalow had no carpeting, only concrete flooring.

But two organisations in the town - the Deepings Lions Club and the Rotary Club of the Deepings - on hearing of Deena’s plight, stepped forward to help.

The Lions ensured the move was hassle free by taking care of all the arrangements - paying for the move as well as assisting to prepare for the move and helping on the day. They also fitted curtains for her at her new home.

Rotary, responding to a request to help carpet the lounge and main bedroom, went one better and provided the carpet tiles for those two rooms, plus the second bedroom and the hall, and took on the task of fitting the tiles.

But these are not the only organisations which have been a vital support to Deena when she has needed it. She is also very grateful to the Deepings Food Bank, Deeping St James United Charities and the Red Cross for all their help, and to South Kesteven District Council for finding her a new home and making that home perfect for her needs.

Suffering from a severe degenerative bone condition which affects her spinal column - basically the bone is crumbling - Deena is already very restricted in what she can do, and the prognosis is that she will eventually be confined to a wheelchair. She is on constant painkilling medication to reduce the pain she suffers.

For Deena the suffering began at the tender age of just 12 when she first started to have back problems. She had her first spinal operation at the age of 14 to remove an extra bone that was putting pressure on the spinal cord.

“I thought I would be OK after that operation,” Deena admitted.

And for a couple of years things were fine until, aged 16, she began to suffer serious pain once again.

Deena has since had three operations on her lower back to ease her pain but nothing can be done about the degeneration of the bones in her spine.

The problem has now spread to her upper spine and as well as chronic arthritis (a result of the spinal issues) she also suffers from spondylosis in the neck.

Despite the difficulties posed by the pain and restrictive movement, Deena did work for a time as a nanny but was forced to give that up when she found it became almost impossible for her to pick up even very small children.

A mother of two - Emma, 28, and Lee, 23, - Deena now lives on her own. She and her ex husband moved to Market Deeping from Yaxley 16 years ago but split up shortly afterwards. For the past five years she lived in Wellington Way, but the property wasn’t suitable for her needs.

Now she has moved into her new home in Meadway and says it has immediately made a huge difference to her quality of life.

She said: “The bungalow is perfect for me. It is somewhere I can genuinely call home. I love it.

“I never felt Wellington Way was my home. It was dark and dingy, whereas the bungalow is much brighter and more cheerful and has been adapted to make it so much easier for me to move about.

“The move has already had a big affect on me. I am much happier and I am very grateful to so many people in the community for the help and support they have given me.”

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