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Villagers in Rippingale issue a plea to stop the sewage which is flooding their streets

Flooded sewers are causing havoc for villagers who can’t go for a walk without stepping through sewage.

The foul water is affecting several areas of Rippingale because the drainage system can’t cope with heavy rainfall.

Villagers have been calling on Anglian Water to address the problem for years and are now appealing for help from the MP to get things sorted.

Sanitary towels and condoms have been washed into the streets
Sanitary towels and condoms have been washed into the streets

Resident Carolyn Greig said: “We’re getting a bit fed up with sanitary towels and condoms adorning the village streets. Why should we put up with this awful state of affairs which has been happening for at least 15 years?

“An Anglian Water employee told me last year it was only very dilute sewage so I should not be worried about it, but what would happen if a child picked up any items such as this which are deposited on our roadways?”

Shaun Charlton has lived in the village all his life and believes the problem is getting worse.

Residents have called on their MP to help
Residents have called on their MP to help

He said: “We keep reporting it but nothing is ever done. During lockdown the majority of people are doing more walking but when we go out, we are walking through poop.”

A spokesman for Anglian Water said the sewers are not designed to cope with heavy rainfall.

He said: “Drainage systems are complex and managed by a number of organisations including councils, private drainage companies, the Environment Agency and Anglian Water, and we work very closely with all of them.

“We’re doing all we can to help, but sewers are simply not designed to carry water from rivers that have burst or spilled over, or the volume of flood water we’ve seen following such persistent rainfall.

Villagers say the problem is getting worse
Villagers say the problem is getting worse

“This is what is causing the flooding we’re seeing, rather than a failing of our network.”

The MP has contacted Anglian Water.

Mr Davies said: “Given the reports of flooding and sewage issues in Rippingale I have asked them to provide assurance to residents that the situation will be addressed.”

Rippingale Parish Council has reported the problem to the Consumer Council for Water. Depending on the outcome of the complaint, the issue could be reported to the government’s Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat)

Parish council chairman Chris Charlton said: “We are getting fed up with it. There is effluent coming out and people are having to walk and drive through it because it’s all over the road.

Rippingale is awash with sewage
Rippingale is awash with sewage

“If we don’t get a solution we will probably take it to the Ombudsman.”

Anglian Water said its pumps have continued to operate during heavy rainfall and staff have tankered away excess water.

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