Discovered folk carols now on CD by Deeping St James organist

*Organist Philip Spratley
*Organist Philip Spratley
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A WELL-known musician who played the organ at a church in Bourne for nearly 20 years is set to release a second CD.

Organist Philip Spratley, 68, was the director of music at Bourne Abbey Church until 2006 when he retired, but now he is continuing his musical work by releasing his own compositions to the public.

Philip, of Park Road, Deeping St James, was surprised when he was approached by music label Toccata Classics for the first CD.

He said: “It came out of the blue.

“I hadn’t had a great deal of success with my work, then a few years ago I was approached about doing a CD and jumped at the chance.”

Philip’s first CD entitled ‘Philip Spratley - Music for String Orchestra’ was released in 2009 by Toccata Classics, and now he is set to release a new CD called ‘Carols for all Seasons’ through record label Prima Facie.

Philip’s first recording includes a range of orchestral music, echoing his love of folksong and the countryside.

His second offering, which will be available at the end of the month, includes carols for all seasons and occasions which he feels should be available to the general pubic.

Philip said: “My second CD is filled with folk carols which I have discovered over the years.”

Philip is currently the organist at the Priory Church, in Church Street, Deeping St James.

He has been there for about three years - despite initially wanting to retire after leaving Bourne Abbey Church.

Philip said: “I have been trying to retire since I left Bourne Abbey but things have turned out differently.

“I originally trained as a pianist too, but I do enjoy what I do and still love playing the organ in church at Deeping St James.”

Philip has lived in Deeping St James with his wife Elizabeth for 30 years.

He said she is really proud of his work.

Philip said: “She is very happy about it all. We work closely together and Elizabeth listens to what I do and offers her advice. This is absolutely invaluable to me.”

Philip’s first CD is available to order from music shops.

Alternatively you can go online and buy it from Amazon at