Doctors praised for excellence and dedication in the Stamford Hospital Public Recognition Award

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THE first nominations have come in for the Stamford Hospital Public Recognition Award as Mercury readers step forward to publicly thank the doctors and medical staff who have cared them back to health.

The Mercury has teamed up with the Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals Trust to shine a light on the good work taking place as part of the Trust’s Outstanding Achievement Awards.

Dr Seema Brijj, who is a doctor in the chest clinic at Stamford and Peterborough Hospitals, has been nominated for helping change a woman from Morton’s life.

Stella Clark, 65, of Morton initially went to see Dr Brijj with breathing problems but when she told her about a hearing issue Dr Brijj went and made enquiries with a colleague and got her booked in to see a specialist straight away, skipping long waiting lists.

Mrs Clark said: “I couldn’t hear at all in one ear, I was pretty much deaf and now I am even turning the television down.

“I feel like a new person and I sent in the form because I felt so grateful for all their help.

“I was always treated like a human not just like another number - it goes a long way.”

Mrs Clark praised the attitude of Dr Brijj who was always willing to go the extra mile for her.

Mrs Clark said: “She even helped me out on my lunch when I came in to get my prescription. Others would have told me to come back another day.

“I got sorted out so quickly I just wanted to say thank you.”

The second nominee is orthopaedic consultant Mr Ravi Kamath who has made a huge difference to the life of one Stamford resident.

Heather Groves, 65, of Airedale Road, needed three operations on her feet, one of which Dr Kamath had never attempted before, but now she has pain free feet.

Mrs Groves said: “He has been really good to me and helped me out a lot.

“He was always very kind. I found the right man for the right job, he was excellent.”