Dog is injured by hit-and-run driver

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A pensioner is trying to trace the hit-and-run driver who knocked over her dog as she was walking it on Christmas Eve.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said the vehicle mounted a grass verge and clipped her bichon frise in Empingham Road, Stamford near an entrance to the allotments.

She claims that the car stopped 100 yards from the scene but after waiting in the vehicle for several minutes drove off when a couple who were walking their dog rushed to help.

She said: “I hope the driver of the car who knocked down my dog on Christmas Eve had a better Christmas than 

“I am in my 70s. I couldn’t do anything, I was just absolutely shocked. If it wasn’t for the dog walkers I don’t know what I would have 

“It is so callous I could have stopped and said I will take her to the vets. It could have been a child,

“I just hear this bang and a high-pitched squeal.

“They could have stopped and slowed down and taken her to the vet.

“It would be nice for the person to say I am sorry.”

The dog walkers took the woman to the Clearidge Veterinary Surgery in Stamford where her own animal was treated for shock and a minor injury to its eye.

The woman said: “I can’t thank Clearidge Surgery enough for their help and a special thanks to a lady and her husband who carried my dog to the vet since I was shaking so much.”

Due to the shock of what happened, the woman was not able to get a description of the car.

She said: “I didn’t have the foresight to get a registration or anything, I just picked my dog up from the 

If you have information about the dog getting run over then call police on 101 and quote incident reference number 319 of December