Dog is rescued from ledge 50ft from bottom of Ketton quarry

Jade Russel with her brother Jared, 18, and her dog Lilly, who fell down a ledge in Ketton quarry
Jade Russel with her brother Jared, 18, and her dog Lilly, who fell down a ledge in Ketton quarry
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A BELOVED pet had a lucky escape after falling down a disused quarry.

Jade Russell, 21, of Empingham Road, Ketton, was at work on Tuesday last week when her mother Evelyn Wells called to say her greyhound/lurcher cross Lilly had run off while being walked in the old quarry off Pit Lane.

She was extremely worried as Lilly had never run off before and always came when called.

Jade, her mother and a couple of friends spent hours searching the quarry for the two-and-a-half year old pet and were beginning to give up hope.

But at about 11.30pm one of Jade’s friends shone a torch under a bridge over a 65ft pit and spotted two dots of light being reflected back up at her from a ledge.

Jade said: “Lilly was sat there on this ledge so still, she wasn’t making a sound.”

Jade rang the fire service and a crew parked at the post office and walked way up to the quarry. They climbed down from the bridge to the ledge using ropes and a harness. One of the firemen grabbed Lilly and climbed back up with his feet.

Jade said: “She jumped up into my arms and wouldn’t get back down again. As soon as I put her on the floor again though she was fine. She was so happy to see everyone.

“It was horrible at the time, I didn’t know where she was and I was walking around crying. She’s my world.”

Jade had nothing but praise for the fire crew that rescued Lilly.

She added: “The fire brigade were absolutely brilliant. They said it was the strangest dog rescue they had ever done.”

Jade has had Lilly since she was an eight-week-old puppy and is delighted to have her back home safe.

She said: “She must have slipped down to the ledge and realised she had to stay still. She could just about turn around.

“It was 10ft down from the bridge but the pit was about 65ft down. I don’t want to think about what could have happened if she had slipped again.”