Don’t miss seeing Santa in his sleigh

Don't miss Santa in his sleigh EMN-150212-114357001
Don't miss Santa in his sleigh EMN-150212-114357001
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Stamford and District Kiwanis will be accompanying Santa and his sleigh in the following areas of Stamford this December.

He will visit from 6pm on weekdays and 5pm on Sundays, but if the weather is too bad for the reindeers on a particular night, Santa will have to cancel.

Santa told the Kiwanis “I’m really looking forward to seeing all the children and I hope they’ll be on the best behaviour. Merry Christmas!”

Perth Road, Caithness Road and Dickens Drive - December 6

Fitzwilliam, Cambridge, Mountbatten Roads and Lambeth Walk - December 7

Rutland Heights Area - 8th; Arran, Cedar and Oak Roads - December 9

Belvoir Close, Collins Avenue, Banks Crescent, Waverley Gardens and Chatsworth Road - December 10

Rutland, Lincoln, Irnham, Masterton and Willoughby Roads - December 11

Churchill, Edinburgh and west end of Kesteven Roads - December 13

Ryhall - December 14

Ketton - December 15

Easton-on-the-Hill - December 17

Queen Street, Essex Road, Sussex Road and Northumberland Avenue - December 18

Lonsdale Road, Sutherland Way and Highland Way - December 20

Wittering - December 21

Parents should visit the Facebook page for updates.