Dora Phillips celebrates the big 100

Dora Phillips EMN-151117-164039001
Dora Phillips EMN-151117-164039001
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Dora Annie Phillips, from Oakham recently celebrated turning an incredible 100-years-old, surrounded by her loving family and friends.

Dora, who has lived in Rutland for more than nine years, turned 100 on October 29, a day very different to how it was back then.

“No one would believe how hard it was back then,” she said. “I came from a world of make and mend and saving for a rainy day - not the disposable world of today.”

A young Dora married a Welshman in 1932, Walter Phillips from Llanelli in South Wales, and had a ‘long and happy marriage’. Wally, as he was known, sadly died in 2001 at the age of 89.

Dora has seen many changes over the last 100 years, including two World Wars, motor cars becoming widely used, the wide spread use of the telephone and television, not to mention air travel, the internet, and mobile phones.

“I’ve never learnt to drive, swim or ride a bicycle. But I love my flat screen TV!,”she said.

Dora now has eight grandchildren, 18 great grandchildren and at present 10 great great grandchildren.

Sadly her son, Tom and daughter, Eileen have passed away leaving Dora with one surviving son, David, aged 75.