Double yellow lines plan in Bourne gets go-ahead

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RESIDENTS say they have lost out after a council decided to paint double yellow lines outside their homes.

Lincolnshire County Council has approved plans to impose waiting restrictions along both sides of an 86m stretch of Tarragon Way in Bourne.

The decision came after complaints about parked cars limiting visibility for drivers and causing safety issues for children wanting to use the green space on one side of the road.

But residents say the lines will force them to park their cars further up the road, which would impose on others.

Stephen Gabbutt, who lives with his wife Jane, said: “We are just going to park our cars round the corner, so someone else will get the hump.

“The original design is the problem. My wife and I both have cars, the same as everyone else on the street.

“We will probably end up parking outside the house of the residents who complained. We have lost out.”

Each house along the stretch has one off-street parking place at the back. But most are occupied by families with two cars.

Mr Gabbutt accepts there is a safety issue but wants the council or developer David Wilson Homes, which still owns the estate, to provide alternative space to park.

He added: “I just want somewhere I can put my car so it doesn’t upset anyone.”

Neighbour Khurshid Russell has mobility issues so finds it difficult to walk from her house to the rear garage.

She spent thousands of pounds converting her front garden to a driveway after the double yellow lines were suggested.

She said: “I still think they are using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

“I am worried about the speed at which traffic is going to come past now no cars will be parked on the road, bearing in mind children play there.

“The couples on the street have two cars and the parking round the back only solves the problem for one car.

“It’s not a big problem, cars are only really parked there at night.”

The council report on the issue says painting yellow lines will: “Increase forward visibility and improve safety for drivers on the double bends.”

It added: “On street parking cannot be assumed as part of the properties’ parking allocation.”

The council wants the lines painted before it adopts the estate.