Drivers flouting parking laws in Stamford, Bourne and Deepings warned they run the risk of being fined

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DRIVERS who flout parking laws by ignoring time restrictions have been warned they run the risk of getting a fine.

Lincolnshire county councillor William Webb (Con) says motorists who park illegally in Stamford, Bourne and the Deepings could be fined when parking wardens start patrolling next year.

The county council is due to be applying to the Department of Transport in December to take over parking enforcement powers with the scheme coming into force in June next year.

The council is currently holding a consultation on its draft civil parking enforcement policies and the public has until September 30 to make comment.

Lincolnshire is the last county in the country to take on parking enforcement and this is a requirement on the county council by the Government to reduce congestion in town centres.

Councils are taking on powers because the police do not have the resources to enforce restrictions. Rutland County Council has been enforcing parking restrictions since June, 2008.

Parking has been a problem in Stamford for some time with traders complaining about workers taking up the limited time parking spaces in Broad Street and Bath Row.

The move is also likely to cause problems for residents who live in the town centre and have no off-street parking.

Coun Webb, who is the executive councillor for highways, has promised greater enforcement.

He said: “If they park illegally, they will run the risk of getting a penalty.”

Coun Webb has received letters calling for a residents’ parking scheme but said the council was unable to look at this until the scheme was running.

Stamford Chamber of Trade and Commerce president Tim Lee has welcomed more enforcement.

He said: “Those spaces are one hour or two hour spaces if anyone exceeds that are asking for a ticket. The spaces are not designed for shopkeepers to use, they were designed for shoppers to use.

“Parking is chaotic at the moment in Stamford. It would be good to get some discipline.”

The county council is also still considering how it will pay for the parking enforcement scheme. The council is looking at fines and cost-cutting to claw back a £1.2m deficit.

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