A-level results day: Stamford and the Deepings

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Stamford’s A-Level pupils are enjoying a great set of results which has seen schools and colleges continue to thrive despite grades dipping nationally.

Stamford School and Stamford High School gained grades of A*-C in 87 per cent of their examinations which is a rise of three per cent from last year.

The 201 students under the Stamford Endowed Schools banner boasted a 70 per cent A*-B pass rate with 41 of those pupils achieving three A grades or better.

Principal of the Endowed Schools Stephen Roberts said: “I would like to congratulate the students on their exam results. Overall the results have been strong, significantly higher than last year, and set against a background of changes in the A-Level examination system which has led to some lower grades nationally.

“With rising university fees, students are thinking more about the benefit of university and it is very pleasing that the vast majority of our students who have applied will have gained a place.”

The Deepings School also enjoyed a high degree of success with a 99.6 per cent pass rate and 80 per cent of papers taken being passed at A*- C.

This equalled the school’s record from last year.

A third of their pupils’s papers were A* or A while over 55 per cent were A*- B.

Of those, Dale Hunnings, Sam Hickson, Ella Gentle, Phoebe Lucas, Olivia Schelpe and Hannah Weston all achieved three or more A-A* grades.

The school’s new head teacher, Richard Trow, said: “We are delighted that so many of our students have achieved the grades that will allow them to pursue the university courses or apprenticeships of their choice.

“Just as importantly, we are proud to see what enterprising, confident and caring young people we have in our school and look forward to hearing about their many adventures and future achievements.”

Students at New College Stamford, with nearly 300 collecting results, were able to look forward to starting at university in the near future after achieving a 97.1 per cent pass rate which is an improvement on last year’s results.

Charles Pell, 24, will study music at Wolfson College, Cambridge, after achieving A*s at maths, further maths and physics and an A in music.

“I’m over the moon,” he said. “I did not expect more than one A*. I opened my results in the car then rang up my family straight away.

“I think my mum started crying on the phone.

“I’ve played violin since I was seven and also the piano. It’s a big part of my life.

“I’ve got my deadline for finance and accommodation tonight but I’ll have a drink with some mates later.”

Angel Varghese, 19, from Drift Avenue, has a place confirmed to study biochemistry at King’s College London after being awarded an A* for maths and an A for biology and chemistry.

“I’m kind of shocked, I was not expecting such great results,” she said.

“I was ok until last night when it all hit me, then I started to panic, but now I can relax for the rest of the summer.”

Other pupils were relieved that their results meant they could take up a place at university next year.

Harry Parker, 19, from Baston, will study psychology at Bedfordshire after earning Cs in sociology and business studies and a D in psychology.

“I’m just happy to be going to uni,” he said.

“I found out at ten to eight this morning which was brilliant.

“I think I’ll be having a few drinks to celebrate this evening.”

Lydia Dettmer, a 19-year-old from Stamford, had C grades in English and film studies and a D in history which means she can study English at Bedfordshire as well.

“I’m a bit in shock. I was up all night worried and I didn’t get any sleep,” she said. “I’ve been making phone calls all morning to tell people.”

Another with an offer to Bedfordshire is Laurence Kay. The 19-year-old from Oundle had D grades for biology, chemistry and physics and really wants to go to university, but he is considering re-sitting his A-Levels next year.

“I’m going to be on Clearing as soon as I get home and calling up all the unis,” he said.

Elsewhere, Oundle students saw 25 per cent of their grades being A*s and they achieved 59.4 per cent of grades at either A* or A.

Twelve pupils scored at least four A* grades and Ellie Cook, Chris Gilmartin, Viren Pandya, Rosie Vince, Abby Wong and Brian Wong each earned five A*s. And 13 pupils have so far confirmed their places at Oxford or Cambridge.

Record-breaking results were also achieved at Arthur Mellows Village College in Glinton with a 99.5 per cent pass rate. Overall, 54 per cent of students achieved A*-B grades and more than 10 students earned three A*-A grades.