Bythams youngsters explore the great mystery of space

Stargazing at Bythams School EMN-160125-141532001
Stargazing at Bythams School EMN-160125-141532001
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Inspired by British astronaut Tim Peake, youngsters have been exploring the great mystery of space this term.

Pupils in the Year 5/6 class at Bythams Primary School have had a homework topic linked to space, as they’ve been inspired by the story of the astronaut and his six-month journey on the International Space Station.

Stargazing at Bythams School EMN-160125-141522001

Stargazing at Bythams School EMN-160125-141522001

As part of the project, each pupil had to research and present information on a different planet, constellation or object in space.

To really appreciate the vastness of space, school staff decided to hold an event for the children to share their research and learn about the night sky.

On Friday, January 15, families came to learn together. At 6.30pm, the temperature was already nearing freezing but it was a beautifully clear sky.

Class teacher Kate Hardie said: “We hired a large telescope as well as borrowing a couple of smaller ones to look at the moon and other highlights in the sky. Children and parents enjoyed using tablets to position in front of constellations and see the pictures that our ancestors had seen many years ago.

“Everyone had a chance to see all the research presented by the children as it was on display in the classroom. There were a range of models and one video presentation along with eye-catching posters.”

After the parents left, children and staff spread out their sleeping bags and watched Star Wars IV: New Hope as it linked with the topic.

In the morning, children and staff rose early to try and catch a glimpse of the International Space Station with Tim Peake but unfortunately it was cloudy.

Mark Humphries, father of Louis, aged nine, and Noah, aged six, said: “This inspirational event combined fun, learning and community.”