Children have run to Denmark!

Bythams Primary School Fitness Club EMN-161202-162644001
Bythams Primary School Fitness Club EMN-161202-162644001
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Youngsters at a primary school have run a huge 2,000 miles to Copenhagen in a bid to improve their fitness.

The fitness club at Bythams Primary School started 12 weeks ago to get children running around the school field every day.

Since it started, the children have run more than 2,000 miles.

And not only are they keeping in shape but their geography is improving, as they have been plotting their progress on a map using capital cities.

The children also have to track how many kilometres they have run as a class and also as a school - then the older children are challenged to convert it to miles.

To celebrate the achievement of running 2,000 miles, parents and staff came on Friday last week to join in and celebrate with a Danish pastry breakfast 

Headteacher Richard Clarke said: “The Bythams Fitness Club has been a huge success.

“All of the children enjoy their daily run and a lot of the older children are now running over a mile a 

“Our running journey is displayed in school and also on the school website and the children are really excited about it and it is great to be able to ask the parents to join us.”