Councillors raise concerns about traffic at new Bourne primary school

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Town councillors have urged their county colleagues to put serious thought into the impact a new school will have on neighbouring roads.

Bourne Town Council’s highways and planning committee discussed Lincolnshire County Council’s application to build the new school in Elsea Park at a meeting on Tuesday.

Councillors had no objection to the school itself but were worried the increase in traffic could cause problems in neighbouring residential roads.

Committee chairman Coun Bob Russell said members were keen to address the concerns of some residents in Elsea Park.

He added: “We are 100 per cent behind the school. There is no expression of concern about the school being placed there.

“Purely and simply it is about how much thought has been put into the roads.”

The school is due to open in September 2014 with a first form class of 30 starting, eventually providing school places for 210 pupils.

Coun Russell pointed out that many of the Elsea Park streets are narrow and are often busy with parked cars.

He said: “There will be incoming and outgoing traffic coming down a road with parked cars and no room for manoeuvre.”

The town council planning committee put together a statement to send to the county council, which is also responsible for highways.

It read: “Bourne Town Council has no objection to the proposed construction of the new school but the council has very serious concerns about vehicle access to and from the school on roads which we know to have parking problems.

“The council also has concerns that future expansion of the school will eat into recreational/sports areas of the school.”

The county council has created a draft travel plan, which will encourage the school to do all it can to reduce vehicle numbers.

The plan will promote pupils walking and cycling to school.

The site would have bike racks for 24 bikes and pods for scooters.