Free school group asks parents to make their interest official

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A group behind plans to set up a free school in Stamford have called on parents to register their support for the project online.

The group of five Stamford residents revealed their idea in response to a perceived lack of secondary opportunities for brighter children in the town.

They set up a website to explain the idea and declared their intention to apply for Government funding to set up the new school.

The groups says the initial response from parents has been strong but they now need people to sign up to a register to demonstrate to the Department for Education that support for the idea exists.

Member Kevin Brooks said: “We now need Stamford parents to support our vision.

“In order to be successful with our application to the Department for Education we must demonstrate sufficient local demand for Stamford Free School.

“It is not enough to have a signed petition – we must produce a formal list of parents, living in Stamford or surrounding villages, with children of primary school age, who would make Stamford Free School their first choice.

“It is important to recognise that this is a completely confidential indication of preference, is not binding and has no bearing on the local authority admissions process.”

Mr Brooks said the data the group collects would be used purely to support the free school application and would only be seen by the Department for Education.

The group have set up a form for parents to register on their website and at

Volunteers will also be handing out printed versions of the form around the town.

Mr Brooks added: “We urge all local parents to sign up to support us.

“A solution for Stamford is long overdue. Help us make it happen.”