Improve your driving, with tips from John Lyon’s new manual

John Lyon, who has written a Haynes manual for advanced drivers
John Lyon, who has written a Haynes manual for advanced drivers
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A MOTORING expert has passed on his knowledge of advanced driving to other motorists in a new detailed manual.

John Lyon, of Rutland Way, Ryhall, has written the latest Haynes driving manual, titled Advanced Driving –How to Further Skill and Enjoyment in Motoring, which is set for release later this month.

After teaching high performance driving techniques for almost 50 years, John’s book details all aspects of safe driving, including handling skills, planning drives, cornering, overtaking, and driving at night and in bad weather, along with references to his own career in motoring.

John, 74, said he thoroughly enjoyed writing the book which draws upon his own experiences of teaching advanced driving.

He said: “I decided to write the book after coming across a book stand at a motor show. The stand gave details of all the Haynes’ manuals and the one book that was missing was one about advanced driving. I thought to myself I’m going to be the one to write that for them.

“Driving education is kept very secret from us apart from the basic test. This book explains all the advanced techniques that are not often taught and everything is based upon my own experiences and teaching.

“Good instructors will demonstrate techniques first of all and then guide and coach the student through and that is what the book does.

“Everyone thinks they know how to drive when they pass their test but what I hope this book will do is show people there’s more elements to it.”

John first became an instructor in 1961. Later that decade, he became a civilian instructor at the Metropolitan Police Driving School. He then went on to teach advanced driving techniques to thousands of people on the high performance driving course at the British School of Motoring, and later through his own company.

John is also a champion racing driver and has won more than 90 motorsport races internationally.

John added: “The book is my life work. It took me 18 months to complete and I thoroughly enjoyed writing it.

“We used local roads around Stamford, Peterborough and Rutland and the illustrations and photography is excellent. I’m really pleased with the outcome.”

l Advanced Driving - How to further skill and enjoyment in motoring, is priced at £16.99 and is available from February 20 from bookshops and direct from Haynes at or by calling 01963 442030.