Linchfield pupils inspired by John Lewis advert

Emma Valerio of John Lewis is pictured with the Bear and Hare poetry competition at Linchfield School Deeping St James with winning pupils Ellie Nickerson   Ethan Foster Jasmin Forster and Charlie Hubbert and other pupils who took part
Emma Valerio of John Lewis is pictured with the Bear and Hare poetry competition at Linchfield School Deeping St James with winning pupils Ellie Nickerson Ethan Foster Jasmin Forster and Charlie Hubbert and other pupils who took part
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Young poets impressed bosses at a department store with their versions of a famous Christmas advert.

Linchfield Primary School pupils were inspired to write their own verses after seeing the John Lewis “Bear and the Hare” advert.

Teachers Ruth Magowan and Michael Hasler were so impressed with their work that they got in touch with the John Lewis head office. Emma Valerio from the firm’s Peterborough store then visited the school and gave out prizes for the best poems.

John Lewis donated a signed original sketch from the animation as first prize and also awarded gift vouchers to the runners up. A sample of the children’s writing is available to read on the John Lewis website, within the Bear and the Hare gallery.

Bear and hare walked through the forest

But then bear stopped to yawn,

A shining snowflake tumbled down

Now hare looked forlorn.

Bear decided to walk on slowly

With hare on his back,

They wandered through the forest

Hare wouldn’t let bear turn back.

They climbed over a hill

And now bear could see,

At the end of the field

A shining Christmas tree.

But bear just turned around,

“I need to sleep,” he said,

Hare knew that bear must go

And snuggle in his bed.

Bear slept on,

For days and days,

But poor hare knew

That Christmas was not far away.

So hare took bear a clock

With bells that ring and chime,

Now all hare could do was

Hope bear would wake on time.

Hare just sat and waited

“Where could my friend be?”

As he looked over the hill,

Was it bear he could see?

“It’s bear! It’s bear!” hare cried out.

Now that bear came

Hare knew that his Christmas’s

Would never be the same.

Ethan Foster

The bear and the hare,

Were the best of friends,

The hare with the hole

And the bear with a den.

But one winter’s day,

The bear was worn,

The wind blew hard

And there were no signs of dawn.

The hare was sighing,

The bear had a yawn,

The den was waiting

And hare was forlorn.

The bear was sleeping,

Sleeping deeply;

The hare was dawdling,

Dawdling wearily.

A month of pain past,

Until a gift was delivered.

The hare ran

And the bear quivered.

At last after days and days, a ring and a ding shook the cave

And now they could have a ball,

In front of a shimmering Christmas tree,

With animals gathered tall and small.

Charlie Hubbert

Swiftly walking through the woods,

The best friends laughed and spoke,

But then a yawn escaped the bear

And that’s when hare’s heart broke.

Hare knew that bear had to go,

To sleep and dream for a while,

But how bear needed to see Christmas time,

With a plan hare began to smile.

Beckoning bear to hurry along,

The hare showed him the tree,

A sparkling movement in the wind,

Something you couldn’t always see.

Bear yawned and smiled sadly,

“I have to go,” he said.

Hare’s ears dropped in disappointment,

As bear went off to bed.

Hopping sadly towards the tree,

Hare thought and thought of his friend,

Until an idea popped into his head-

Something to bring hibernation to an end.

Sleeping deeply in his cave,

Bear dreamt of the spring,

The weeks passed by and the snow fell fast,

Not knowing what hare was to bring.

Christmas Eve had arrived,

On a sleepy winter’s night.

Icicles had formed on the door,

Without a peep of light.

Springing across the fallen log,

In the four foot of snow,

Hare ran to bear to take a peep

And left a parcel wrapped with a bow.

Hare sighed deeply

And looked around -

Animals, lights and laughing –

But no bear to be found.

The Christmas tree shone

In the dim morning sun,

Whilst animals danced and laughed

But for hare this was no fun.

As hare began to feel depressed,

A faint sound at once occurred,

Far away but loud enough,

A sound that hare preferred.

Turning round as quickly as can be,

Hare turned and stared for a second,

His chocolate friend stood in the snow,

“Now this is Christmas,” bear reckoned.

This Christmas bear was looking forward to –

The tree, the lights, the fun.

No more sleeping through Christmas time,

Hare would no longer have to be glum.

Jumping for joy, hare smiled and smiled,

His emotions now mixed,

The best friends were overjoyed,

Hare’s broken heart was fixed.

But what was the thing

That woke the bear from his sleep?

A silver ringing alarm clock

That on Christmas morning did beep.

Now this was a Christmas they wouldn’t forget,

A Christmas full of cheer,

Full of hope and happiness,

A time they would celebrate every year.

Ellie Nickerson

Strolling along, the close friends laughed,

The chocolate bear and the snowy hare,

An unusual friendship they both shared,

But neither ever cared.

Falling gracefully, a snowflake came,

Landing on bear’s nose,

A cloud of mist escaped his mouth

But this is what hare knows…

“Oh bear, don’t go!” the hare exclaimed,

“There isn’t time to leave,

As Christmas is just around the corner,

Oh bear you have to believe!”

On bear plodded, his head hung low,

“I am just to tired, I need to sleep,”

Then with a yawn he said,

He longed for his cosy bed.

Hare smiled at the emerald tree

But bear just walked away,

Hare’s ears dropped as happiness fled –

Bear would miss Christmas Day.

Hare hopped wearily, gazing at the tree,

When an idea flew into his head.

He knew something that he could do

To get bear out of bed.

Bear in his cave, as snug as a bug,

Covered his sleepy face.

Icicles formed, as in his sleep,

He dreamed about a happy place.

Days flew by as snow thundered down,

Covering up the ground,

The gleaming moon lit way,

On hare went with a bound.

The warmth of the cave greeted hare

Dim light flooded into the space

He turned, with a glance in the cave,

As he laid his parcel down.

Making hare lose his frown.

He thought about his plan,

Hoping it would help bear.

And off then bounded hare.

Christmas was a time to enjoy,

To love, care and share,

But hare wanted nothing more

Than to see his friend bear.

The next day was Christmas,

All animals gathered around,

But hare was sitting sadly -

Sitting sadly as he frowned.

Meanwhile in the cosy cave,

Bear lay in the dark,

But something then made him stir -

But it wasn’t the distant bark.

Back around the elegant tree,

A tear formed in hare’s eye.

But what was that? His ears pricked up -

Somebody was nearby!

Jasmine Forster