New College Stamford and Stamford Queen Eleanor School in sixthform boost

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NEW College Stamford and Stamford Queen Eleanor School have joined forces to create a sixthform centre.

The new centre will pool teaching resources and facilities from both institutions to broaden the options available for Stamford pupils.

The partnership was announced at a Stamford Town Council meeting on Tuesday. Queen Eleanor headteacher Wendy Hamilton said: “We believe that the people of Stamford should celebrate the education provision and opportunities available in the town and be proud of the breadth, depth and quality of what is available.

“It is very clear to us that if we work separately to develop post-16 provision then we will be working directly in competition with one another and this would only be detrimental to the town of Stamford.”

Some parents concerned at the lack of secondary education options in Stamford formed a group last year to discuss the issues they had. Mrs Hamilton hopes the new centre will go some way towards easing their concerns.

She added: “We are confident that the local community will provide support for the development over the coming months and help promote better and broader post-16 offer than is available elsewhere.”

The new Stamford Sixth Form Centre will support New College Stamford’s range of A-level subjects by making use of staff and resources from Queen Eleanor. Initially the partnership will focus on languages.

New College Stamford principal Andrew Patience added: “Our main aim is to work together to provide first class education and enrichment opportunities for the young people of Stamford.

“Our focus will be on delivering a broad, comprehensive and integrated 11-18 academic curriculum offer of GCSEs, AS and A-levels.

“We want students from a young age to have an understanding of the qualifications they need to achieve their goals and aspirations, and confidence that these qualifications are on offer to them in their town.”

There will also be a focus on career advice at key stages. New College Stamford staff will offer guidance to pupils in Year 6, Year 9, Year 11 and Year 13.

Head of Higher Education at the college, Dr John Baldwin, said; “We aim to ensure that the town does not lose its brightest and best, as they are crucial in ensuring that Stamford continues to prosper in the years ahead.”

The partnership will run alongside Queen Eleanor’s bursary and scholarship scheme, which offers a small number of pupils subsidised sixthform places at the Stamford Endowed Schools.