Oakham teenager gets business award

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A TEENAGER with learning difficulties has won a regional award for her business skills.

Ellie Scopes, 18, of Glebe Way, Oakham, was given the Sir John Moore’s Award for Young Enterprise at Nottingham University.

The former The Parks and Catmose College pupil is in the designated special provision unit at Corby Business Academy.

As part of her course Ellie was made managing director of Happy Hands which is a company run as part of the unit which sells crafts made by the students.

She was nominated for the award by teacher Nikki Clark and business advisors Grace Holdcroft and Janet Kemm.

Since it was funded at the start of this year, Happy Hands has launched a number of products such as tea-towels and vintage tea cups.

As part of the young enterprise initiative, students plan vital business skills that will assist them in the future.

Mrs Holdcroft said: “Ellie has always been enthusiastic and has enjoyed updating me on the progress of her team and showing me products that they have made.

“The other members of the team interact really well with Ellie due to her approachable personality.

“She really deserves this nomination for the Sir John Moore’s award.”

Ellie moved to Corby Business Academy when she was 15 because her learning difficulties were so severe.

Her condition means she has trouble talking and cannot read or write.

Her mother Sue said: “I am very proud.

“She can’t do a lot so it was nice to feel, for once, that she had done really well at something.

“She’s hopefully going to go to Brookesby Melton College in September to do entry level courses.”

Ellie has a love of animals and Sue hopes that by studying at Brookesby Melton College she will be able to do some of the vocational animal courses as well as her own studies.

She also takes part in after school clubs and is a keen gardener and likes to play the game boccia which is a form of boules and is a Paralympic sport.

Sue added: “Her difficulties are so severe that she can barely write her own name and she has no concept of anything.

“But she is very friendly and sociable which is one of the things they picked up on when they presented her with the award.

“She always chats to people and is enthusiastic. She has lots of friends.”

As part of the award Ellie won £100 which will be spent on a new computer chair for her bedroom so she can play games.