Parenting forum for the Bourne area proves popular

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AN ONLINE parenting forum for the Bourne area has exploded in popularity since being launched three months ago.

The Bourne Parents group and page on Facebook was started by Gillian Tordoff, 35, of Thyme Avenue, Bourne after she moved to the area from Huntingdon in February and discovered the town did not have one.

Gillian, who describes herself as a parenting forum veteran, created the group to provide a place where parents, often isolated while on maternity or paternity leave, could communicate and share their collective knowledge.

Since being launched on April 27 the site has gone from strength to strength and as word has got out numbers have increased, with the 200th member joining last week.

Gillian said: “At the start I was posting things all the time but I spend most of my time now accepting people into the group.”

One of the most popular sections of the site is a page containing an up-to-date listing of all the events, classes and groups running for young children in the town.

Gillian believes that groups like this are an important resource in any community.

She said: “You find that on the forum you get a lot of new mums who are isolated. The site gives them a lifeline.

“If we can get just one person out there who is feeling isolated, meeting a few people regularly then we have achieved something major.

Paula Bojang, 42, of Hazelwood Drive said: “I moved here seven weeks ago from Mitcham in South London with my three year old son and I didn’t know a soul here.

“I found Gillian’s Facebook page and things have been so much better, my son and I have found endless playgroups, a preschool, friends, play centres, the list is endless.

Another forum user Kirsty Browne 28 from Morton said: “When I first went through the list of activities for the kids it had plenty of groups I didn’t even know about.

Alison Frith, who moved to Bourne two months ago said: “I’ve met loads of other parents, found after-school courses and now feel a lot happier starting out in a new town with a young family.

“It’s like having a support network already.”

The site is open to everyone in the Bourne area who cares for children.

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